The sound of Broomwagon breathing

Wes plays an intimate indoor show, ca. 2010.

For our final episode of School Days on the Seven, I wanted to step back from doing voice-over and allow the everyday flow of work-life to intrude. To set the mood, I chose a Wes Houp cover of the John Koerner song “I aint blue.” The trumpet solo provided by Lexington musician Warren Byrom seemed to hit the right spot.

Koerner’s song is about a lonely dude awaiting his lovergirl to arrive, but there is a part about getting on the bus that I wanted to highlight for the close of the season. Due to an editing snafu on my part, we kept the lyrics running a bit longer than we should have–so don’t listen too closely. The episode can go from warm-and-fuzzy to weird-and-creepy at the drop of a lover-girl reference.

A version of this will be released soon on Wes’s forthcoming album The Book of Quincy Jones, but you can take a listen to it right now, right here.

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