Contributing musician: Chris Sullivan

Chis Sullivan out front of his backyard recording studio.

Chris Sullivan has spent three decades playing music in and around Lexington, Kentucky. His 2014 album, Western Movies, provided the soundscape for a 2015 Mayer family summer trip to Colorado.

“Arizona,” a song from the album, provides the “New Circle” soundtrack for episodes two, three, and five of our trip aboard LexTran #7. The song evokes a sound of idle movement that seemed to work for evoking our city’s beltway road.

But check out the full song here, which

deals with received notions of legal and illegal citizenship that exist along both sides of the U.S./Mexico border:

To purchase his album Western Movies, or to follow his touring schedule, visit Chris’s website here:

Find out more about Chris in this December 2017 podcast interview with him.

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