An out-take from Broomwagon

For a variety of reasons (including my incompetence as an interviewer), the community panel we had planned to hold while visiting Broomwagon did not pan out. It just didn’t fit, so we cut most of it. So it goes with pilot episodes.
This roadbump resulted in an extra half-year transforming the final episode into three separate episodes on gentrification, the NoLi CDC movement, and Broomwagon bike shop.

Here’s a couple minutes of that conversation with Michael Crutcher and Shannon Cox. (A NoLi business rep I had contacted stood us up on the day of the shoot.) Crutcher is the author of Treme: Race and Place in a New Orleans Neighborhood; at the time of the interview, he had just moved away from the North Limestone neighborhood when his rental was no longer made available to him.

Cox has been a long-time voice on the North Limestone facebook page, where she often offers her perspective on North Limestone development.

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